Grist to the Mill

17 April, 2007


Airport cafe, flight side. As I checked in, I noticed another flight was departing to Milan at about the same time as mine. In the queue, noticed an obviously Italian mother and daughter: slightly bling accesories, warm olive complexion, air of glamour. The mother pushed her daughter forwards, presumably because of daughter's superior command of English. Daughter asked for two espressos. The woman working in the cafe looked dubious and suprised, and then warned them off "an espresso is a very small amount, and it's very very strong!!"

Woman obviously not realising that Italians are a nation of people who thrive on strong coffee.

Italian daughter looked equally surprised. Not quite following, she said "Er, medium? please."

I don't know if the working woman decided to explain. I kinda hope she didn't.

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