Grist to the Mill

29 January, 2007


... feels like it already sprung. Winter came and went last week. As I recollect, it lasted for one day. Last night I walked along the canal/river (it's actually both, they run parallel) in the dark (it was about 6.30) and put my hand up in the air to try to figure out how cold or how warm it was. There was a breeze - there usually is next to water - but it was a mild breeze. It felt mild to my ungloved hand because the air wasn't cold relative to my body temperature. And yet - it's fricking January!!!! When I was kid (there's a phrase if ever there was to give away one's age and latent conservative tendencies) every January involved prolonged snow, wellies, gloves, hats, bundling into the house and parking oneself inches away from the fire, etc etc.

This morning, as I arrived at school, the kids were in the playground at 8.20 and some of them had abandoned their blazers and were wearing just a shirt!!!! As it dawned on me that kids were playing out at 8.20 on a January morning in just their shirts, I realised once again that we are in very big trouble indeed regarding the climate.

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