Grist to the Mill

11 July, 2006


Here's an obituary made in error, published in a prominent public school's quarterly newsletter:

"Last year we were told that GML Jones (1923-1928) had died, and his name was the first in 'Obituary' in the November issue. However, the Editor was delighted to receive the following letter written on 14 November:

'Dear Sir, I was particularly intrigued to note that in the Obituary with which I was honoured in your last issue, my demise was dated as December 2004. That year's diaries revealed no catastrophe that could have precipitated my departure. It remains a mystery - as a National Charity, from which I retired as director thirty years ago, dated my death as September 2005. My obituary was fortunately not as dismissive as that of Frederick Prince of Wales, father of King George III, whose ran to a mere 17 words, "It is only Fred, who was alive and is dead, so there is nothing to be said". With every good wish, Yours sincerely, Gordon M. L. Jones.'

We offer our profound apologies, and our thanks to him for responding as he has.

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