Grist to the Mill

20 December, 2005


A (short-lived, presumably) experiment and resolution for 2006: whenever I learn more about crypic crosswords I shall do more than think, "That's something to commit to memory" and then instantly forget all about it.

Rather, I'll record it here in the hope that the process of recalling and typing will lodge the information in my brain for longer than ten minutes. This must only occur when I actually encounter the convention in a crossword, otherwise no real learning will take place. Fruitless to learn the stuff in isolation from real crosswords (ie, in a "how to do it" book) otherwise it won't stick. Spent a pleasant afternoon in the pub with friends tackling the Guardian crossword and was frustrated by my ability to solve only three or four of the clues, as usual.


Home Counties - SE (for South East)
Light - a synonym for "clue". The setter referring back to the clue.
Swiss/Switzerland - CH
Sheep - ewe/s, usually
Periodical - mag


Factor - a noun for "agent" or "estate agent"
Decoct - vb; to extract by boiling
Loach - a fish

That'll do for now.

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