Grist to the Mill

06 October, 2005

Overheard on a Bus

Had to get on a bus today (eugh!). It was school-hometime and very busy, on a very busy route.

A straight-laced looking woman held her daughter, who looked as though she was about three. The mother was not old but not young. I'd say she was about 38. The child was very active and she was climbing about on her mother and on the seat. A tolerant black woman sat next to them. The girl was called Emily. She had a big, round pasty face and a severe mousy bob. She was wearing cutesy flower print trousers and quite literally wouldn't stop talking. She was clearly a very intelligent child and very, very bored.

Anyway, all of a sudden she grasped a big clump of her mother's hair and yanked it hard. Expecting a reaction but not getting one, she did it again and then asked, "Mummy, is that funny?". She was very mischievous. Her mother replied, without changing her facial expression, and without varying her tone, "No. It's not funny to hurt people". The mother then carried on staring out of the window.

That's all.

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