Grist to the Mill

30 October, 2005


By coincidence, was in Tesco a week ago and ended up in the 'wild birdseed' aisle (! - ten years ago you'd have had to visit a pet shop or similar to buy this), so, since it was there I bought some. I wasn't aware in advance, but yesterday was National Bird Feeding Day, so I used my very average binoculars to watch any birdseed action that might have been going on. It's so compulsive - especially when there's an essay to be written. So far this weekend I've seen:

a pair of Greenfinches
a lone Goldfinch
a pair of Songthrushes (they may even have been Fieldfares. It's hard to tell but they were definitely one or the other)
a Collared Dove (which sat on top of the feeder scaring all the smaller birds away)
a large group of Blue Tits
several Coal Tits
possibly some Great Tits (not 100% certain about this).

That's just in two days. A few weeks ago as I was getting up and ready to leave, I saw a Greater Spotted Woodpecker sitting on the fence. It's surprising how many birds are around - it's not exactly the middle of the countryside here. I want to buy some live mealworms by mail order to attract more birds, although last night someone suggested this might be taking it a bit far.

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