Grist to the Mill

02 June, 2005


Last night I tried the new puzzle that’s been doing the rounds. It’s a grid divided into rows, columns and clusters. Clusters/rows/columns should all contain numerals 1 – 9. The puzzle I had was ‘medium’ difficulty… so, I got there in the end. As it’s the first one I’ve done it took some time to figure out shortcuts and strategies. I did the puzzle last thing, and didn’t turn the light out ‘til 12.45am.

One thing is clear: Su-Doku is not suitable for ‘winding down’. All through the night my brain was scanning imaginary columns and skimming horizontal lines. I think I dreamt about it, too, and woke at 4am feeling as though I hadn’t really lost consciousness. So-don’t do Su-Doku last thing at night

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