Grist to the Mill

14 March, 2005


Went back to the gym again today. I had to give it a rest for a while because of a mysterious 'hip injury'.... Anyway, every so often I looked up at a small plasma TV screen ahead of me. I didn't have headphones plugged in so couldn't hear the soundtrack. A trailer advertised a show called "Sixty Minute Makeover" which would appear after the next commercial break. The letters 'sixty minute makeover' appeared against a plain red background so there was no accompanying image to provide a context. It occurred to me that Reality TV has really come to something when the object of the exercise - the thing being 'made over' - could be any one of the following:

a person's appearance: (hairstyle, make-up, dress sense)
a person's diet and eating habits
a garden
spending habits/bank accounts
soft furnishing, furniture, colour schemes

I can't remember which it was.

Also, it is commonplace to have to remember various four-digit codes along with other assorted passwords. It's just a part of life now - not unusual or particularly onerous. Personally, I only have four sets of 4-digit numbers to remember. These accompany my switch card, visa card, electronic doors at work, and server room at work. I was a bit surprised last week, then, when I entered a lift cab and found myself punching a four digit code into the panel. It's just '4' for fourth floor! But this got me wondering whether there will ever be buildings with thousands of floors. I think not.

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