Grist to the Mill

02 February, 2005


"Alan Warner (b1964) grew up in the Scottish west coast port of Oban, and after a string of odd jobs, ended up competing a PhD on suicides in Joseph Conrad novels at Glasgow University. He began writing Morvern Callar, his first novel, while doing shift work on the railways in the early 1990s. With the intercession of fellow novelist Duncan McLean, it was published in 1995. Warner was immediately contracted to write a sequel, These Demented Lands (1996), in which Morvern features heavily. " (from the Guardian)

My final year (ahem) "dissertation" was on Joseph Conrad. I've also had a serious of 'odd' (in more ways than one) jobs. Now, if only I could write a book that translates well to cinema, I'd be just like Alan Warner.... "Suicides in Joseph Conrad Novels"... interesting subject! (but hardly rolling back the boundaries of innovation in terms of technology / appliances / understanding).

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