Grist to the Mill

11 December, 2004


Has it gone away yet? The relentless advertising and pressure to buy pointless stuff, the overexcited children, the 'office parties' that are just downright awkward. Why? Is it really all in the name of Jesus?! I don't think he died for my sins. The birthdate of this Messiah is arbitrary and irrelevant.

Christianity is a religion imported from the East. Deserts, camels and myrrh don't feel terrifically relevant to my own mortality.

Anyway - don't want to come over all Bah Humbug. Obviously, Christmas is for catching up with friends and family (although, let's face it, even this can be a bit of a trial). The main thing is a bit of time off work which is always welcome at any time of year. I wish the commerce and gaiety were a bit lower key though.

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