Grist to the Mill

26 March, 2004


Bored by the temp job, I went out at lunchtime. Wandered to the bank to withdraw my usual, pitiful tenner, and noticed that the bank had a television for the benefit of people waiting for appointments. So I sat down and watched the midday news. The bombs had gone off the previous day and were dominating the headlines. It was obvious that I was idling and once I sat down a couple of others followed my lead. (Watching tele in a bank?! )

There was a live link, of course, with a journalist outside the Spanish embassy in London. The studio newsreader was asking the location journalist: “So, why is it that people here have such an emotional reaction?” The journo replied that Brits are nervous of the same happening in London, that it’s an attack on the ‘free world’ etc, but then said “And Spain is a place where people go for holidays. Many of us have second homes there”…

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